Ninkyo Boryoku

Clockwerk Tower part 1-4

Blinded eyes and stunted ankles.

Plundering the Clock Tower’s many riches prove difficult for the group. Room after room, traps and Anti-Maggie boxes delay the time for the loot Tami so devotedly craves. A powerful Clockwork guardian highlights the parties final battle for the day. Summoning Mechanical monstrosities, and wielding a power to dominate the mind nearly wrote damnation for our beloved heroines. Retreating from the tower the team licks their wounds and rests. Not entirely uneventful however, Tami and Kiki make good use of their time to craft many wonderous items to profit off of. Level after level it was finally Konoko’s death and following debt was what broke the spirit of our heroes. Retreating for the time being, the girls return to reality as kiki builds wonderous items to pay off the Guild for their service. In the meantime Suki received a house call for an intricate tattoo of a Shadow Dragon, the client not what everyone assumed to be. An Elderly woman with pigeon feet and a bad case of Stalker-Itus. The Worse kind in fact, by nasty little Allips, Madness driven undead that sap the wisdom out of mortals for god knows what reasons. How she survived all this time is a mystery.


InnaBinder holylocust

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