Ninkyo Boryoku

For Angel The Bell Tolls

"Screw that, I'm staying in bounty hunter heaven!"

Losing Angel to Welio in the climax of the engagment left a sour taste in Konoko and Maggie’s mouth. After Tami recovers from her wounds they lay down their comrade’s rifle alongside the body to rest. Seeking revenge, Tami slays Welio’s family save for both of his daughters, who Tami now has adopted. Not satisfied, Tami Invokes his dead corpse to spill the beans on his most prized treasure atop a clock tower far from the tattoo parlor. Joining them is a tiefling wizard named Kiki, who was also a Swarm member. Not long after arriving, the tower greets them with open arms.


InnaBinder Trixi

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