Ninkyo Boryoku

You will do as I say. Smash Maggie's foot!

Now do it again!

With a little snooping around, the gang finds Nandor evading taxes in an abandoned library atop a “sizable” tower. That will not do says Konoko! Costumized as City Representatives bloodthirsty for civil justice our heroes give the temporary antagonist a proper paddling! Not without smashing Maggie’s toes between a door and mind effecting magic. Looting ensued as is sacred tradition and what do you know they found the wand and nightstand! Bringing the prisoner and mcguffins to the Swarm. All that was left was clearing the zombie threat. One after another zombie fell at the hands of the femme fatales. Bursting into giblets that Maggie rolled around in! Tami and Maggie were also purged of infection which was not very difficult since they are both more lucky and more healthy than Angel. Speaking of Angel, A bounty was on a grippli wise cracker named Gloop. Who was paying his dues. We set him straight and earned macho dough. With nothing else to do Konoko asked Suki if she needed anything. Low and behold she did! Our heroes trenched the sewers for a mystical Golden Ooze who’s residue would make a dank tattoo for a customer! It appeared without much effort. Its always nice to help Suki around the house. You know, since she lets the group crash there.


InnaBinder holylocust

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