Tamiko "Tami"


Tamiko was born in secret. At a young age she’d been released upon the streets, at an age she now can hardly remember. But the streets have a memory longer than hers, and rumors abound that Tamiko’s mother wasn’t remotely human. Some say she was born of a prostitute, others a slave girl, still others suggest a demon or half-fiend. Nonetheless if anyone knows for certain who her parents are, they’re not talking. Tamiko’s tried to find out, but it seems they turned their back on her.

Even Tamiko guesses there’s some truth to the rumors, otherwise she figures she wouldn’t have her hideous red eyes. Kids used to mock her incessantly for it, and it seemed there was nothing she could do about it. The rest of her features weren’t so extraordinary, she has no horn, nor hoof, nor hellish skin, but her eyes she couldn’t hide. One day she got it in her head to have her eyelids tattooed with the image of soft blue eyes. She figured maybe she could close them and be able to fade into the crowd.

The tattoo artist she sought out was amazed a seven year old girl would have the strength to both have such a painful tattoo done, and that she was able to raise the funds to have it done well. Tsukiko was that tattoo artist, and soon she became like a sister to Tamiko, or as Suki called her, Tami. Suki took Tami on as an apprentice at her parlour, and in time, Suki’s skill grew. At fourteen Suki gave a finely crafted needle, hammer, and ink to Tami as a gift, and by the end of the night, Tami had been initiated into Suki’s gang. Tami was now a Solbari Swarmer. Through her tattoo work, Tami began to understand patterns, both on flesh and in art, and in the world. Given time her psionic talent grew, and Tami began to be paid for her services in helping to hide other Solbari Swarmers. It was through this work that Tami first met Maggie, Koriko, and Angel.

Tami has given up on her biological family; they weren’t loyal, they weren’t there for her, so now Tami has a new family, the Solbari Swarm. Besides, if the rumors about her mother are true, how could she just give her up like that? How?!

Tamiko "Tami"

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