Ninkyo Boryoku

TempurPedic Matress Zombie

" Worst idea ever! " - Mave, a surviving customer.

Falling face first into the warehouse alarming all the guards, our heroes come out of the blood bath. No one was left alive as every inch was searched for Daemon Seed. No other tomato was tainted with its filth, and the warehouse was set ablaze. Cleverly disguised as gnolls, the public was none the wiser as to who destroyed this seemingly peaceful property. Knowing their deeds would be unsung, each member non the less felt they had done swift justice in the name of the Swarm. Laying low as per custom after a task, the group heads to Swarm HQ to offer their services. A young gnome, Honwell shares two jobs that needs to be looked into. The bounty now on the gnolls heads, (Tee Hee) and a stolen eternal wand of acid arrow belonging to a gang member. A fetchling rogue by the name of Mave had it for over a month, showing it to many other members. Suspects include Florry the bard, Elis who we suspect is a bloodrager, and Ebba who we also suspect is a witch. Investigation found the nightstand containing it completely gone, and two spells of deep slumber and gentle repose cast on Mave’s bed. What a surprise the party would find, uncovering the bed exposing two unrotting zombies! Nearly falling before getting to safety. Maggie manages to procure assistance, and inch by bloody inch the zombies were pushed back. Finally defeating them, Ariadne the Swarm leader explains of a troubling making alchemist named Nandor may have had a hand in this. Who was asked to leave due to strange experimentation.


InnaBinder holylocust

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