Ninkyo Boryoku

The Return of Mr. Merigold?!

Do you remember what this voucher means, Nash?

The next day, disaster strikes our band of misfits. Maggie’s Dojo was overrun with bloodsucking mosquitoes! Using quick wit, the misfits borrowed a bucket of grippli blood with questionable origins from a butcher of questionable origins to subdue the insects. A nagasii was to blame, a squatter attempting revenge when his plea for shelter was denied. He was brutally beaten. After, Tami lead the team on a crusade to thin out drug dealer numbers. ___ was their ware, a drug that enhanced the enchantment school. While on the hunt Angel saw what she thought was a ghost from the past! A similar dressed gentleman like Mr. Merigold! Confronting him only lead to his escape, losing his trail the team regrouped to the parlor only to find Suki as the victim of this failure! Taken as a hostage, the team was forced to go on the offensive! Their only lead was once again the hobgoblin Weilo, who was the last person Mr. Lemon and Mr. Merigold spoke to. the team devised a quick plan, Konoko disgused as Nash the orc bounty hunter set up a trap/meeting with Weilo to get suki back!

" Nash remembers, You give stuff back to Nash now yes?" – Konoko.


InnaBinder holylocust

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