Ninkyo Boryoku

Not-so-humble Beginnings

Daemon Seed's Hell of a Drug

Our hero’s adventure begins In a mom and pop tattoo parlor. Word has spread around the streets that children have been under the effects of drugs during school hours. Specifically schools sponsored by the Boria Brigade. Every party member was unanimously bent on stopping this drug fiasco. The party gathered that the drug was Daemon seed. Known to cause deafness, blindness, and strain on the body. In addition to an increase in a particular skill, which explains children learning how to swim or unlock the mystic and vast secrets of the arcane at a very young age. Konoko was able to gather more information posing as a Boria Health Inspector. Pinpointing the company Gno Bad Foods , supplying four schools with fresh tomatoes which were spiked with the drug, confirmed by Tami. Her exact words were: "These Tomatoes are gewwwwd. " Later that evening the femme fatales skillfully steal all of the school’s supply of tomatoes. Suki was very uneasy having all of the stash at her parlor, so the group sought another way to get rid of the heat. An Orc with payment on hand took a majority of the doses. A contact of Angel pointed a lead to an Alchemist who could take care of the rest. Negotiating with him one moment, finding out only one third of the batches were spiked the other, and we have ourselves a whacked orc. Spread across three floors in a nearby hotel. Now that the group was in a load of trouble, They procure a very fine room to spend the night and cool off the flame from their names. Who knew a five star pillow fight arena only costs 50 gold? All good things must come to an end sadly, as the group was attacked by two Hit men later that evening in the lobby. Slaying one of them, a Mr. Marigold, his other peer was left alive for questioning.


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