Ninkyo Boryoku

Forced into Hell

After licking their wounds, the team is sent out for another mission by Suki. This time scoping out a suspicious competing tattoo parlor. Entering was easy enough for the ever talented Tami, snooping inside to sniff out its delicious secrets. However, a slip too soon the security arrive. Two massive gargolyes, only to be pummeled by the power of water and gravity. Leaving one for questioning, they learn of Xzartaheal, the boss of the establishment. His info rings true as among the loot the heroes procured the bearer bonds, Showing a suspicious bounty note by none other than Mr. Merigold, hiring Xzar to finish the job. The fireplace inside the shop is apparently magical, and with the disposal of the two bodies, the protagonists are sucked into what they can assume to only be Xzartaheal’s realm.


InnaBinder holylocust

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