Ninkyo Boryoku


Sneaky Sneaky

The hostage, Mr Lemon, explained he and his companion were hired at a rally by a hobgoblin name Wilo. “Kief” was the topic, a drug that very potently enhanced users in the enchantment school of magic. We were accused of possessing it. Local authorities apprehended Angel and a clerk as suspects for the murder while the rest of the group escaped. Attempting to break her out via distractions was not enough, the gang hatched a new plan. Following a lead to a corrupt cop named Kelsy “Corruptsky”, He was bribed to leave his post and take the evidence officer with him for lunch. During this they swept the schools again to protect the children, get more dough, and obtain new info. With a successful ambush they gained a G.N.O.L.L hostage, a carriage containing tomtoes, and mechanical work dogs. To make the escape look like a suicide, Tami murdered a resembling Stryx with little to no effort at the local slums. The masterpiece unfolded with Angel’s escape. Looking like she strangled herself in her cage and gathering all the evidence back while the remaining police force distracted a few blocks away. All good plans deserve good drink and interrogation. The hostage gave vital information on the companies location and defenses, now it was up to our favorite adventuring party to infiltrate the G.N.O.L.L warehouse. Not so easy however.


InnaBinder holylocust

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