Ninkyo Boryoku

Distractions and Break-ins.

If the gang gig doesn't fly, we'd make great burglars.

With the help of the guild our heroes quarantine the Swarm living quarters to be purged at a later date. Tempting Tami to dig up some research on their zombie foe. Plagued by disease these creatures become extremely dangerous, allies and foes alike mutating into them after death if bitten. Not wanting to jump to conclusions the group waits until symptoms occur by distracting the remaining suspects. Both Elis and Ebba were redirected while the rest of the group sniffed around their abodes. ( However a fight did occur with Ebba, but was skillfully handled by Maggie. ) Other than a trap mechanism resembling half a wand of acid arrow, nothing worth noting of the quest was found. ( Other than useful potions and an heirloom recurve bow stolen for a hefty profit. ) Angel grew symptoms of infection shortly after, her companions drowning her in anti plague. All of the symptoms ceased fortunately, and in celebration the group takes on yet again disguises to bail themselves out of trouble. Slaying three gnoll look-alikes and a stryx interloper for the bounty job, clearing their names yet again.


InnaBinder holylocust

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