Ninkyo Boryoku

Forced into Hell

After licking their wounds, the team is sent out for another mission by Suki. This time scoping out a suspicious competing tattoo parlor. Entering was easy enough for the ever talented Tami, snooping inside to sniff out its delicious secrets. However, a slip too soon the security arrive. Two massive gargolyes, only to be pummeled by the power of water and gravity. Leaving one for questioning, they learn of Xzartaheal, the boss of the establishment. His info rings true as among the loot the heroes procured the bearer bonds, Showing a suspicious bounty note by none other than Mr. Merigold, hiring Xzar to finish the job. The fireplace inside the shop is apparently magical, and with the disposal of the two bodies, the protagonists are sucked into what they can assume to only be Xzartaheal’s realm.

Clockwerk Tower part 1-4
Blinded eyes and stunted ankles.

Plundering the Clock Tower’s many riches prove difficult for the group. Room after room, traps and Anti-Maggie boxes delay the time for the loot Tami so devotedly craves. A powerful Clockwork guardian highlights the parties final battle for the day. Summoning Mechanical monstrosities, and wielding a power to dominate the mind nearly wrote damnation for our beloved heroines. Retreating from the tower the team licks their wounds and rests. Not entirely uneventful however, Tami and Kiki make good use of their time to craft many wonderous items to profit off of. Level after level it was finally Konoko’s death and following debt was what broke the spirit of our heroes. Retreating for the time being, the girls return to reality as kiki builds wonderous items to pay off the Guild for their service. In the meantime Suki received a house call for an intricate tattoo of a Shadow Dragon, the client not what everyone assumed to be. An Elderly woman with pigeon feet and a bad case of Stalker-Itus. The Worse kind in fact, by nasty little Allips, Madness driven undead that sap the wisdom out of mortals for god knows what reasons. How she survived all this time is a mystery.

For Angel The Bell Tolls
"Screw that, I'm staying in bounty hunter heaven!"

Losing Angel to Welio in the climax of the engagment left a sour taste in Konoko and Maggie’s mouth. After Tami recovers from her wounds they lay down their comrade’s rifle alongside the body to rest. Seeking revenge, Tami slays Welio’s family save for both of his daughters, who Tami now has adopted. Not satisfied, Tami Invokes his dead corpse to spill the beans on his most prized treasure atop a clock tower far from the tattoo parlor. Joining them is a tiefling wizard named Kiki, who was also a Swarm member. Not long after arriving, the tower greets them with open arms.

The Return of Mr. Merigold?!
Do you remember what this voucher means, Nash?

The next day, disaster strikes our band of misfits. Maggie’s Dojo was overrun with bloodsucking mosquitoes! Using quick wit, the misfits borrowed a bucket of grippli blood with questionable origins from a butcher of questionable origins to subdue the insects. A nagasii was to blame, a squatter attempting revenge when his plea for shelter was denied. He was brutally beaten. After, Tami lead the team on a crusade to thin out drug dealer numbers. ___ was their ware, a drug that enhanced the enchantment school. While on the hunt Angel saw what she thought was a ghost from the past! A similar dressed gentleman like Mr. Merigold! Confronting him only lead to his escape, losing his trail the team regrouped to the parlor only to find Suki as the victim of this failure! Taken as a hostage, the team was forced to go on the offensive! Their only lead was once again the hobgoblin Weilo, who was the last person Mr. Lemon and Mr. Merigold spoke to. the team devised a quick plan, Konoko disgused as Nash the orc bounty hunter set up a trap/meeting with Weilo to get suki back!

" Nash remembers, You give stuff back to Nash now yes?" – Konoko.

You will do as I say. Smash Maggie's foot!
Now do it again!

With a little snooping around, the gang finds Nandor evading taxes in an abandoned library atop a “sizable” tower. That will not do says Konoko! Costumized as City Representatives bloodthirsty for civil justice our heroes give the temporary antagonist a proper paddling! Not without smashing Maggie’s toes between a door and mind effecting magic. Looting ensued as is sacred tradition and what do you know they found the wand and nightstand! Bringing the prisoner and mcguffins to the Swarm. All that was left was clearing the zombie threat. One after another zombie fell at the hands of the femme fatales. Bursting into giblets that Maggie rolled around in! Tami and Maggie were also purged of infection which was not very difficult since they are both more lucky and more healthy than Angel. Speaking of Angel, A bounty was on a grippli wise cracker named Gloop. Who was paying his dues. We set him straight and earned macho dough. With nothing else to do Konoko asked Suki if she needed anything. Low and behold she did! Our heroes trenched the sewers for a mystical Golden Ooze who’s residue would make a dank tattoo for a customer! It appeared without much effort. Its always nice to help Suki around the house. You know, since she lets the group crash there.

Distractions and Break-ins.
If the gang gig doesn't fly, we'd make great burglars.

With the help of the guild our heroes quarantine the Swarm living quarters to be purged at a later date. Tempting Tami to dig up some research on their zombie foe. Plagued by disease these creatures become extremely dangerous, allies and foes alike mutating into them after death if bitten. Not wanting to jump to conclusions the group waits until symptoms occur by distracting the remaining suspects. Both Elis and Ebba were redirected while the rest of the group sniffed around their abodes. ( However a fight did occur with Ebba, but was skillfully handled by Maggie. ) Other than a trap mechanism resembling half a wand of acid arrow, nothing worth noting of the quest was found. ( Other than useful potions and an heirloom recurve bow stolen for a hefty profit. ) Angel grew symptoms of infection shortly after, her companions drowning her in anti plague. All of the symptoms ceased fortunately, and in celebration the group takes on yet again disguises to bail themselves out of trouble. Slaying three gnoll look-alikes and a stryx interloper for the bounty job, clearing their names yet again.

TempurPedic Matress Zombie
" Worst idea ever! " - Mave, a surviving customer.

Falling face first into the warehouse alarming all the guards, our heroes come out of the blood bath. No one was left alive as every inch was searched for Daemon Seed. No other tomato was tainted with its filth, and the warehouse was set ablaze. Cleverly disguised as gnolls, the public was none the wiser as to who destroyed this seemingly peaceful property. Knowing their deeds would be unsung, each member non the less felt they had done swift justice in the name of the Swarm. Laying low as per custom after a task, the group heads to Swarm HQ to offer their services. A young gnome, Honwell shares two jobs that needs to be looked into. The bounty now on the gnolls heads, (Tee Hee) and a stolen eternal wand of acid arrow belonging to a gang member. A fetchling rogue by the name of Mave had it for over a month, showing it to many other members. Suspects include Florry the bard, Elis who we suspect is a bloodrager, and Ebba who we also suspect is a witch. Investigation found the nightstand containing it completely gone, and two spells of deep slumber and gentle repose cast on Mave’s bed. What a surprise the party would find, uncovering the bed exposing two unrotting zombies! Nearly falling before getting to safety. Maggie manages to procure assistance, and inch by bloody inch the zombies were pushed back. Finally defeating them, Ariadne the Swarm leader explains of a troubling making alchemist named Nandor may have had a hand in this. Who was asked to leave due to strange experimentation.

Sneaky Sneaky

The hostage, Mr Lemon, explained he and his companion were hired at a rally by a hobgoblin name Wilo. “Kief” was the topic, a drug that very potently enhanced users in the enchantment school of magic. We were accused of possessing it. Local authorities apprehended Angel and a clerk as suspects for the murder while the rest of the group escaped. Attempting to break her out via distractions was not enough, the gang hatched a new plan. Following a lead to a corrupt cop named Kelsy “Corruptsky”, He was bribed to leave his post and take the evidence officer with him for lunch. During this they swept the schools again to protect the children, get more dough, and obtain new info. With a successful ambush they gained a G.N.O.L.L hostage, a carriage containing tomtoes, and mechanical work dogs. To make the escape look like a suicide, Tami murdered a resembling Stryx with little to no effort at the local slums. The masterpiece unfolded with Angel’s escape. Looking like she strangled herself in her cage and gathering all the evidence back while the remaining police force distracted a few blocks away. All good plans deserve good drink and interrogation. The hostage gave vital information on the companies location and defenses, now it was up to our favorite adventuring party to infiltrate the G.N.O.L.L warehouse. Not so easy however.

Not-so-humble Beginnings
Daemon Seed's Hell of a Drug

Our hero’s adventure begins In a mom and pop tattoo parlor. Word has spread around the streets that children have been under the effects of drugs during school hours. Specifically schools sponsored by the Boria Brigade. Every party member was unanimously bent on stopping this drug fiasco. The party gathered that the drug was Daemon seed. Known to cause deafness, blindness, and strain on the body. In addition to an increase in a particular skill, which explains children learning how to swim or unlock the mystic and vast secrets of the arcane at a very young age. Konoko was able to gather more information posing as a Boria Health Inspector. Pinpointing the company Gno Bad Foods , supplying four schools with fresh tomatoes which were spiked with the drug, confirmed by Tami. Her exact words were: "These Tomatoes are gewwwwd. " Later that evening the femme fatales skillfully steal all of the school’s supply of tomatoes. Suki was very uneasy having all of the stash at her parlor, so the group sought another way to get rid of the heat. An Orc with payment on hand took a majority of the doses. A contact of Angel pointed a lead to an Alchemist who could take care of the rest. Negotiating with him one moment, finding out only one third of the batches were spiked the other, and we have ourselves a whacked orc. Spread across three floors in a nearby hotel. Now that the group was in a load of trouble, They procure a very fine room to spend the night and cool off the flame from their names. Who knew a five star pillow fight arena only costs 50 gold? All good things must come to an end sadly, as the group was attacked by two Hit men later that evening in the lobby. Slaying one of them, a Mr. Marigold, his other peer was left alive for questioning.

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