In the light, the world of Ecumenica may be ruled by the Emperor Hoshohito, the Gleam of the Gods’ Eyes, and his Zahorios Senate (LG). Step into the shadows, however, and it becomes clear that the real business of the world is controlled by a selection of guilds who rule by what they call “chivalrous violence:” The Boria Brigade (LN); the Regency of Rhimir (LE); the Khadros Collective (NG); the Solbari Swarm (N); the Grua Group (NE); the Clyzin Clans (N); the Orhoff Organization (CG); the Schlesticia Schema (CN); and the Miesik Mafia (CE). The Boria Brigade call themselves a volunteer militia. The Regency of Rhimir are the still-extant police force of the previous dynasty of Ecumenica. The Khadros Collective maintains the wildlife and farmland – such as it is – of Ecumenica, with the Clyzin Clans as their R&D department. The Solbari Swarm represents the citizens shunted to the sewers and tunnels beneath the massive world-city. The Grua Group are nihilistic violence aficionados, who see bloodshed as its own reward. The anarchists who make up the Schlesticia Schema run the gamut from protesters to terrorists, working to overthrow the empire without a cohesive plan for what would fill its void, while the Miesik Mafia works to make themselves rich by undermining the workings of the ‘civilized’ world.

With whom do you ally, and what other groups, if any, do you trust?

Ninkyo Boryoku

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